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Tech-Nergi is a company located in the Province of Quebec. We specialize in the manufacturing, selling and distribution of masonry and landscaping products throughout Canada. Masonry and landscaping is our specialty and we’re doing our best to bring you tools, products and services that will enhance the value and quality of your work. We are also a manufacturer’s agent for many brands of tools and other specialty items. See our extensive Products section for more details.

New products for masons

McNear's Thin Brick

  • Brique mince McNear, modèle Tivoli

    McNear's Thin Brick, Tivoli.

  • McNear's Thin Brick, Embarcadero

  • McNear's Thin Brick, Kilburn.

  • McNear's Thin Brick, Stratford

  • McNear's Thin Brick, Turnbridge

  • McNear's Thin Brick, Salthouse

  • McNear's Thin Brick, Cumberland

  • McNear's Thin Brick, Monticello

McNear's Thin Brick will gives a unique and distictive look to any building. Ideal for any interior or exterior wall. These bricks are easy to install and as durable as their regular conterparts.

We present here some samples from the Sandmold series, capturing the look and feel of an industrial loft, a Tuscan Farmhouse or a Colonial House. These exquisitely hand-crafted bricks, with their softened edges and subtle irregularities, truly replicate an authentic antique look.

McNear's Glazed Thin Bricks

McNear's Glazed Thin Bricks

Glazed Thin Brick have a hard, durable and cleanable surface, which make them perfect for entryways, restaurants, kitchens and bathrooms. They can also be used as colored accents with our Sandmold serie, or any ordinary brick walls, framing windows and doorways. Glazed Thin Brick create a richly pigmented, durable, low-maintenance and graffiti-resistant surface. Glazed Thin Brick comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, colors and textures.

Halder's Simplex Mallets

Halder Simplex H3026.060, 3.37 lbs mallet with medium hardness black rubber and red plastic plastic inserts

Halder's Simplex modular mallets are the best in the field. The principle behind the Simplex soft-faced mallet from Halder is simple and clever; using easily interchangeable inserts of different degrees of hardness, the mallets can be individually adapted to the material on which it is to be used. The advantage is that the workpiece can be treated far more gently and precisely, whilst the strain on the joints of the user is also reduced.

Halder's Simplex tools can be found in our Hammers section of our site.

Picard's Tools

Picard's Chisel-Hammer

Picard's tools offers exceptionnal quality and durability that the competition can only dream about. For users, this translates into dependability and ease of use. The vibration-damping material and ergonomic shape make work effortless.

Picard's tools can be found in our Hammers section of our site.

SJ1630 Large Block Grab

Large Block Grab SJ1630

We are proud to present our latest addition: our Large Block Grab SJ1630. With an opening from 24" up to 62", it will help you place with ease and precision any large stone block in your landscaping projects. Used with combination of a lift. An ideal companion to our small Block Graj SJ600.

  • SJ1630 Large Block Grab
    • Hardened steel
    • Opening from 24" to 62"
    • Place with ease large and heavy stone slab
    • With rubber protectors

QTN900 Guardrail

QTN900 Guardrails installed on scaffolding Gardrail QTN900

New and revolutionary, this mobile guardrail installs securely in seconds on any scaffolding. Inserts 2"x6" beams (not supplied) in the provided guides and you have a safe workplace with an effective barrier against falls. You can add up to 6 beams for a maximum of security. A hole is provided for nailing the beams and solidify your setup. Work now with total confidence!

Patent pending.

  • Guardrail for scaffolding
    • Galvanized steel
    • Light
    • Installs withins seconds

ZQ430P-A Concrete Stone, Slab and Wall Splitter.

This model is specially designed for pavers and curbstones. Gives a splittered stone finish. One side of the table is fixed mounted for perfect 90° splits. This wheeled model can be moved around easily by using the provided handle. An extra handle is included for extra cutting pressure.

  • ZQ430P-A Concrete Stone and Slab Wall Splitter
    • Weight: 59 kg. - 130 lbs.
    • Cutting lenght: 430 mm - 17"
    • Cutting height: 155 mm - 6⅛"
    • Holding pressure: 12 tons

SJ300R Kerbstone handlebar.

SJ300R Kerbstone handlebar

Hard Steel construction with two handles for transport and placement of kerbstones, edging blocks and natural stone blocks. The rubber gripper can be replaced.

  • SJ300R Kerbstone handlebar
    • Height : 300 mm - 12"
    • Width : 220-300 mm - 8½" à 12"
    • Load capacity : 150 kg. - 330 lbs.

SJ1100H Kerbstone handlebar.

SJ1100H Kerbstone handlebar

This adjustable handlebar is designed for moving kerbstones, gutters and large paving slabs. The handles are removable and the opening width is adjustable with pin bolts. Galvanized surface for durable protection.

  • SJ1100H Kerbstone handlebar
    • Poids : 11 kg. - 24 lbs.
    • Width : 1 100 mm to 500 mm - 48" à 20"
    • Capacité : 150 kg. - 330 lbs.

CSR/Premier Measuring Tapes

CSR/Premier Measuring Tapes
  • QTN160 TN Measuring Tape for Masons
    • CSR/Premier Certified
    • Length: 16' x ¾"
  • Quantity: 6 per box

Metric modular Measuring Tapes

Metric modular Measuring Tapes QTN 165
  • QTN165 TN Measuring Tape for Masons
    • Metric modular format
    • Length : 16' x ¾"
  • Quantity: 6 per box